ChromaLuxe is a company that focuses on printing images on wood and metal. At Macworld/iWorld this year, ChromaLuxe was showing off customizable iPhone cases that consist of a flexible frame and an interchangeable image.

The Flex Frame for the iPhone 5 (also available for the iPhone 4/4S) offers a durable shell with a cover with a metallic insert that can be changed out based on your mood or style.

AppAdvice’s Dom Esposito visited Macworld to give you a closer look at the Flex Frame case for the iPhone 5 and the company’s offerings for the iPad as well. Click here if you can’t see the video below.

Since ChromaLuxe specializes in printing on metal, you can get the Flex Frame case designed with any image of your choice. That means there’s finally a good use for all those self-portrait Instagram photos you’ve been taking!

Each ChromaLuxe HD Metal Insert is printed with a high quality image that’s both scratch and abrasion resistant. It’s also UV resistant, so it won’t fade in the sunlight, and an added antimicrobial property will reduce bacteria on your phone by 99.9 percent. That’s a mighty fine bonus during this flu season, right?

ChromaLuxe is partnering with CafePress to offer their cases, which retail for approximately $20. The inserts can be purchased separately, for $5-$10. For more information, visit the ChromaLuxe website.