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Macworld/iWorld 2013: iTrack Solo Lets You Record Guitar And Vocals To Your iPad

MacWorld/iWorld may be over for this year, but we’re not done telling you about all of the innovative technology we found on the Expo floor. While on our convention adventure, we stopped by the Focusrite booth to see what goodies the music accessory maker has in store for the future. The big-ticket item at Focusrite this year was the iTrack Solo, an audio interface that is specially designed to be compatible with the iPad. Just plug in your guitar and microphone and start working on your solo career. The iTrack Solo allows you to record professional quality audio onto your iPad, but it is also compatible with Mac and PC for a hybrid-style interface. Using the included cable, the device plugs into your iPad using a 30-pin connector. If you have a newer model iPad, be sure to grab a Lightning adapter. It also comes with a USB cable so you can plug into a desktop or laptop computer. The device automatically reads the levels of your guitar and microphone and adjusts to get the best recording sound possible. The gain Halo feature lets you know if your audio is too loud and you can turn down the gain until the light glows green. The iTrack Solo is available now from retailers nationwide for $159.99. Visit the company’s website to find an authorized reseller in your area. AppAdvice writer Dom Esposito spoke with Raul from Focusrite. Check out the video below to see the future. Click here if you can’t see the video.
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