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Mophie Juice Pack Helium Battery Case For iPhone 5 Set To Launch

It took five months, but one of the most popular accessories for the iPhone is now available for Apple’s current model. Mophie has announced a Juice Pack for the iPhone 5. [caption id="attachment_380438" align="aligncenter" width="470"]mophie juice pack helium™ - iPhone 5 mophie juice pack helium™ - iPhone 5[/caption] Called the Mophie Juice Pack Helium, the $79.95 protective battery case is 13 percent thinner than previous models. It includes a 1500mAh battery, a standby switch, and LED power indicator. It charges via a micro USB plug. A dark metallic model ships on Feb. 19, while one in silver ships at the beginning of March. Take a look:

We've been big fans of Mophie products for many years here at AppAdvice. We can't wait to get our hands on the company's new Juice Pack Helium for the iPhone 5.
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