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Mossberg: Pebble Watch Shows Promise But Waiting Might Be Wise

We’ve heard quite a lot about the Pebble Watch over the course of the past year. However, we haven’t seen many reviews of the device. Until now, of course. Walt Mossberg from AllThingsD is one of the few technology writers to actually get his hands on the Pebble Watch for review. His overall impression of the $150 device is that it is nice, and shows great promise. However, he also states that it might be wise for users to wait until the kinks are resolved before making a purchase. Take a look at Mossberg’s video review:

We're still waiting for our Pebble Watch review model to arrive. When it does, we'll certainly let you know what we think. For more on the Pebble Watch see: Is Apple Set To Acquire Pebble To Create Their Own Watch?, and Pebble Watch To Arrive In Five Colors, Include SMS And iMessage Integration.  
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