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Show Everyone How Rich You Really Are With This Solid Gold iPhone 5 Case

Are you like me and have an extra $12,000 to blow on a case for an iPhone 5? If so, I’ve found the perfect Etsy seller for you. BrikkUSA advertises that it makes “precision luxury products handmade in Los Angeles.” And if you’re a little hazy about the definition of the word luxury, be prepared for a shock. The Haven case contains more than 75 grams of gold and is available in a polished or matte satin finish. It can even be customized with diamonds for an extra fee. And the cost? Oh, just a mere $11,610. There is a silver (or maybe golden) lining for buyers in the United States. The case ships for free. Shipping starts at $50 and up to anywhere else in the world. Hopefully that extra cost won’t break the bank. If yellow gold is just not up your alley, you can also order the case in solid pink gold for the same price. A solid platinum case will set you back $14,235. And to help you feel a little less horrible about spending so much money on an iPhone case, BrikkUSA also promises to donate an amount of rice with the purchase of each of its products to an organization like the UN World Food Program. Who in their right mind would actually purchase something like this? With the rash of iOS device thefts, carrying the handset around in a solid gold case doesn’t exactly seem like the smart move, does it? If you’d like to find actual handmade iOS device accessories that the 99 percent can buy from Etsy, Juli Clover has a nice roundup of environmentally friendly iPad cases and iOS device sleeves in two recent editions of her Handmade Highlights column. Since I (shockingly) don’t exactly have $12,000 lying around, maybe I can request a review unit.