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Three Popular Cable Television Channels Now Have iPhone Apps

A&E Networks is making full episodes of the company’s most popular series available on the iPhone/iPod touch. The free A&E, Lifetime, and HISTORY apps now support Apple’s flagship product thanks to a new update. Users of any of the three apps are now able to stream episodes from the current season of any show being broadcast. For Comcast subscribers, things are even sweeter. For these customers, episodes from previous seasons are also available. Unfortunately, AirPlay support has yet to become available on A&E’s line of apps. According to iTunes, this feature is coming soon. HISTORY, Lifetime, and A&E each arrived in the App Store in December. At the time, however, the apps were only available for the iPad. If you’re interested in finding other television apps, take a look at our AppList full of TV viewing options. You can download A&ELifetime, and HISTORY in the App Store.
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