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Bite My Apple: Where Successful Kickstarter Projects Go To Be Sold

Ever wonder where Kickstarter projects go once they are funded? If they don’t end up on store shelves, they could be available at Bite My Apple. The site offers many of the iOS accessories once featured on the popular funding site. Billed as a one-stop accessory shop for iOS users, Bite My Apple currently offers 40 items, with more being added weekly. Better still, since these items have already been funded through Kickstarter, there is no waiting time to receive them since they are already in production. [caption id="attachment_390478" align="aligncenter" width="952"]LunaTik Alloy Touch Pen LunaTik Alloy Touch Pen[/caption] Some of my personal favorites are available here including the Boomerang iPad stand, and Elevation Dock for iPhone. Most likely, you’ll find many of your favorites here too. Find your unique iOS accessories now at Bite My Apple.
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