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'Confidential Presentation' Suggests June Launch For 'iPhone 5S'

In much of the U.S, the birds are starting to chirp again, and professional baseball is set to return to the nation's ballparks. In Cupertino, Calif., it looks like Apple is putting the finishing touches on the so-called “iPhone 5S,” according to TechCrunch. A “confidential presentation,” has surfaced that suggests manufacturers are ramping up production on the seventh generation handset. The catalog, which “details new cases and chargers for iPhone devices,” points to a June release for the new iPhone. This sentence from TechCrunch is probably key: "This sort of leak – a launch date, direct contact to a certified manufacturer, and mention of direct cooperation with Foxconn– is fairly unique in the world of Apple news." Naturally, there is no way for certain to confirm that the details of this presentation are accurate. However, its contents continue the narrative that Apple will release their next handset this summer, as opposed to the fall, as was the case for the last two iPhone launches. In other words, don’t be surprised if we see the iPhone 5S at WWDC in June. As usual, we'll keep you updated. See also: Analyst: The iPhone 5S Will Have A ‘Killer Feature’The Budget iPhone To Come In Multiple Colors And Have A 4-Inch Screen Says Analyst, and Time To Design The Perfect iPhone 5S.  
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