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Starbucks Unveils Updated Version Of Its Popular App

Starbucks has just unwrapped version 2.6 of its always-popular iOS app with a slate of new features. Most notably, the new version makes it easier to see your available rewards. Caffeine junkies can now view the information below the cup in the Rewards section and in My Rewards History. Right along with the usual amount of food and drink updates, the new version fixes an error message when returning to the app after downloading the Pick of the Week. Also, store directions open within Apple Maps. But that can be good or bad, depending on your point of view. [caption id="attachment_389356" align="aligncenter" width="338"]The list of nearby locations now opens in Apple Maps. The list of nearby locations now opens in Apple Maps.[/caption] The visual elements inside the app should also be easier to see thanks to improved brightness. The Starbucks app is designed for the iPhone/iPod touch, but is compatible with the iPad. It can be downloaded for free in the App Store now. Almost six months after the official introduction of the feature, the Starbucks app is the only time I use Passbook on a consistent basis. I guess I need to get out more, or drink less coffee.
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