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Taskbox 2.0 Launches Because There Is More To Life Than Checking Email

Taskbox has been one of the most promising new apps to arrive in the past year. One part email, another part task manager, the $2.99 app only gets better with version 2.0, which is now available in the App Store. First launched in October, Taskbox has been described as a suitable alternative to Sparrow, the popular email client that was purchased by Google in 2012. Its main purpose is to help users get through emails in the shortest time possible and move along with their day. With Taskbox 2.0, users are able to:
  • Swipe unimportant messages, spam, and trash out of the inbox
  • Gather important messages requiring additional follow up into a single list
  • Sort open items by due date or priority
  • Delegate and track action items assigned to other team members
  • Send one click Quick Response messages that indicate absence, acknowledgement or immediate action
  • Manage all emails in a single, intuitive dashboard
For more information on Taskbox, be sure to read our initial review that was first posted in December. The app is available for download here. [gallery]    
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