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Could Fingerprint Authentication Be The Main Selling Point Of Both An iPhone 5S And iWatch?

Even though we’ve heard for a while that the next-generation iPhone might be sporting fingerprint authentication, one analyst has reported that even the so-called iWatch could contain the same technology. According to AppleInsider, Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets believes that the technology will be coming to the iWatch, which he expects to launch this year. While not providing how the sensor could be fitted in a wrist-worn accessory, White said he did find early signs in Apple’s supply chain that the device may be produced. And Apple will also market the fingerprint sensor as the main selling point of the iPhone 5S, which could reportedly appear as early as this summer. The analyst compares the technology to Siri, which was the main new feature of the iPhone 4S. Most reports are pegging the biometric sensor to be located under the home button. White also made earlier news by speculating that the fabled Apple TV will be released this year and include an “iRing” accessory that serves as a navigation pointer. The television will also supposedly come bundled with a “mini iTV” screen about the same size as an iPad. While I think a fingerprint sensor in an iPhone sounds great, I’m much more skeptical about the technology appearing in the iWatch. I’ve had my Pebble watch for a few weeks, and can’t really imagine how Apple could put a sensor in a watch-like device without affecting battery life.
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