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New iOS 7 Concept Demonstrates Cool Homescreen Toggle Controls

Easier access to preferences is one of the most desired functions that people are hoping Apple will implement with the next iteration of iOS. Last week, we saw a brilliantly designed iOS 7 concept video that included app widgets and a quick access preferences menu, and today, we have another smart concept video from Ran Avni, which includes a popover homescreen menu. This menu, which is accessed from the upper right corner of the device, offers quick access to frequently used toggles like brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and orientation. It also includes notifiers that show battery life, alarm clock settings, and location finding preferences. The settings are also accessible from the lock screen. Though the popover menu is unattractive in the video, it does demonstrate fantastic functionality. In iOS 6, preferences are buried in the settings menu and take several taps to access, making such a toggle system an ultra attractive concept. Recently, news came out that iOS 7 development was behind schedule, with Apple pulling engineers from OS X 10.9 to work on iOS. The operating system is expected to feature a “starker, simpler” redesign influenced by Jony Ive. Via: Cult of Mac
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