Textilus, the prolifically updated rich-text word processing app for iPad, has received another major update.

The latest update to Textilus, which was released in July last year as RichText Edit, brings a couple of major new features and plenty more improvements besides.

Most notably, Textilus now supports insertion of inline images and drawings in documents. In addition, it boasts a new Sketcher tool that lets you enhance documents with text boxes, drawings, and images, to which you can also apply filters.


The new Textilus update also delivers the following improvements:

  • “Select to End”, “Select to Start”, “Select Line”, “Select Paragraph”, “Select Sentence” options from the current position of the cursor
  • “Delete Forward” and “Tab” direct keys on the extended keyboard
  • Export as RTFD document
  • Export documents as PNG images in your Photo Album or open in other iPad apps
  • Paper Background Color: Now you can modify the background color of the document
  • Insert current GPS user’s location in the document (Latitude/Longitude and Address)
  • New side tab to move up or down one page at a time with current page and total pages indicators

Compatible with iPad running iOS 6.0 or later, the new version of Textilus is available now in the App Store as a free update or as a new $4.99 download.