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T-Mobile Will Offer Refunds To iPhone Customers Who Didn't Read The Fine Print

T-Mobile and the Washington state attorney general have announced an agreement over the cellphone company’s “Un-Carrier” plans. The agreement means full refunds for anyone who purchased a new iPhone since March 26, according to The Huffington Post. When you purchase an iPhone through T-Mobile, you must pay $20 per month until the handset is paid off. If you choose to move your iPhone to another carrier before that payoff is complete, however, T-Mobile requires that you immediately pay the full cost of the handset. In other words, you can’t remain on the installment plan. T-Mobile never hid this requirement. Nonetheless, the company has agreed to issue full refunds on request to customers nationwide who bought phones. Although T-Mobile believes that their advertising was “truthful and appropriate,” the company agreed to the arrangement in the “spirit of increased transparency.” The agreement was announced by Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson who believed that T-Mobile’s plans were deceptive. According to The Huffington Post, T-Mobile “has agreed to warn customers across the country about the lump-sum payments, which can be higher than the "early termination fees" charged by other carriers when subscribers cancel their contracts.” Announced earlier this year, T-Mobile’s iPhone plans come without a contract. However, customers must still pay the full cost of the handset, either upfront or through a monthly payment. See also: T-Mobile's iPhone 5 Launch Day Goes 'Gangbusters', and Is T-Mobile's iPhone Trade In Deal The Right One For You?
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