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Untangling The Smarter Stand For iPhone

Back in February, we told you about the Smarter Stand for the iPhone/iPod touch. The successfully funded Kickstarter project ends on Friday, April 12. We recently had the opportunity to try a pre-release version of the Smarter Stand. What we found was a functional accessory that performed as promised, although not something that everyone may need. To review, the Smarter Stand allows users to prop-up their iPhone/iPod touch to watch a video, read email, or do a video call. It also serves as a way to keep EarPods or earphones untangled. The Smarter Stand is minimalist both in its design, and packaging. It is made of a special type of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that developer Dotan Saguy claims provides both “a rubbery feel and sufficient rigidity.” For the most part, this is correct. As a way to keep EarPods tangle-free, the Smarter Stand is an absolute wonder. Plus, the Quickstart Guide that comes with each stand is simple to follow, as is the official how-to video. It is also worth noting that the Smarter Stand’s card-style package is eco-friendly. Plus, both the product and its Kickstarter packaging are manufactured in California, which is a nice touch. Smarter Stand for iPhone Packaging - Front However, I was less impressed with the accessory as a stand, which is a shame given its title. As a stand, it worked, don’t get me wrong. It just seemed a tad too flimsy for my tastes. Additionally, the stand doesn't work with all cases. According to Saguy, it works best with the Apple Bumper, Speck CandyShell, and the OtterBox Commuter. The Smarter Stand isn't recommended for military or waterproof cases. Therefore, I’d recommend the Smarter Stand for anyone that is looking for a simple way to untangle their iPhone’s earbuds. For those folks, consider the accessory's dual purpose as a stand as an extra bonus. For someone looking solely for an iPhone stand, there are better ones on the market. Twelve South’s SurfacePad comes to mind, as does the CandyShell View from Speck. Both of these have the added advantage of also being a case. Smarter Stand for iPhone Packaging - Back If you'd like to help fund the Smarter Stand, you can still do so through April 12. For as little as $9, you’ll help fund the project and receive a stand with an estimated delivery date of May 2013. For a pledge of $18 or more, you’ll receive a Smarter Stand for iPhone, and also a Smarter Stand for iPad. The Smarter Stand for iPhone will eventually retail for $9.99 plus shipping. [gallery]
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