Alaska Airlines is the latest airline to add Passbook support to its iPhone app. Available now in the App Store free of charge, version 2.6 of Alaska Airlines for the iPhone and iPod touch makes a number of improvements to the app’s boarding pass feature, including support for Apple’s Passbook service.

As outlined in the release notes for Alaska Airlines 2.6, changes made in the update include:

  • Passbook is here!
  • Add your boarding passes to Passbook
  • Enhancements to the boarding passes

Following a relatively slow launch, Passbook support has been creeping into a number of services recently. Earlier this month, Qantas launched a brand new Passbook-enabled iPhone app, and one prominent developer presented an innovative new means of promoting a forthcoming application using Apple’s Passbook.

Alaska Airlines 2.6 can be downloaded free of charge in the App Store, and is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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