Apple has been offering up advanced previews of new music releases for more than a year. Some big names include David Bowie, Jack White, and Bob Dylan. Currently Daft Punk’s newest full-length album, “Random Access Memories,” is streaming for any and all to enjoy leading up to its pending release. While users are only supposed to be able stream the music and preorder the album from iTunes, 9to5Mac has discovered a way to download the entire album for free.

According to 9to5Mac, if you use an HTTP tool for monitoring requests, you can download the entire album using the listed URL. The song files are DMR protected so cannot be played on other devices.

Apple’s attempt to deter piracy of unreleased music seems to have become the beast it was trying to destroy. Digital music theft is the bane of the music industry. If Apple can’t prove that it can keep music secure from piracy, then it will be difficult for the iTunes creator to convince record labels to sign on with iRadio.