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Following Google Now For iOS, Could Google Now For Mac Be Coming As Well?

Just over a week after Google finally launched Google Now on iOS, here comes a very plausible sign that Google Now could also finally launch on Mac. And that sign reads: "[Mac][MC] Implement notification updates and relayouts." It's actually the brief log description of a Chrome issue, now closed, that was first spotted by noted Chromium evangelist Fran├žois Beaufort. Apparently, it points to planned enhancements for the Chrome notification center on OS X. In a post on his Google+ page, Beaufort notes that "Mac users will be happy to know that rich notifications are being implemented on Mac." Attached to the post is the following composite image of the notification center: [caption id="attachment_412705" align="aligncenter" width="780"] Google Now for Mac?[/caption] Considered a prerequisite for Google Now for desktop in general and for Mac in particular, the notification center is, according to Beaufort, "still under heavy development." Google Now, which is an intelligent personal assistant developed by the eponymous search giant, used to be available only within the Google Search app on Android. But last week, it was made available within the Google Search app on iOS as well. By all accounts, Google is decidedly intent on making its mark on iOS. In addition to launching Google Now on Apple's mobile operating system, Google recently updated its Gmail iOS app with direct linking to three of its other popular iOS apps: YouTube, Google Maps, and Chrome. And just yesterday, Google encouraged developers to add Chrome integration to their iOS apps.
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