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Microsoft Launches Siri-Bashing TV Ad For Windows 8-Powered Tablets

In a new TV ad strongly reminiscent of the infamous "I'm a PC" response to Apple's "Get a Mac" campaign, one new advertisement put together by Microsoft touts its Windows 8-powered tablets at the expense of the iPad. Specifically, the Redmond, Wash.-based company takes aim at Siri, the on-board virtual assistant software that launched with iOS 5, and argues that the service really doesn't work as well as Apple claims. Here's the advertisement:

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Compared against the $449 64GB ASUS VivoTab Smart, Microsoft also draws attention to the iPad's lack of an official Office suite, and, finally, to the 64GB model's higher price of $699. After a number of Siri-based disappointments, however, the ad finally asks the software: "Should we just play chopsticks?," and the inevitable happens. Apple still dominates the tablet market, and as such, the iPad is the biggest threat to Microsoft's range of Windows 8-powered tablet computers. What do you think of the TV ad?
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