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The Inexpensive SETA Smartphone Stand Is A Perfect iPhone Companion

If you want to purchase an inexpensive dock for your iPhone that will never go out of style, take a look at the new SETA Smartphone Stand that recently launched on Kickstarter. Here’s a quick video about the project. Click here if you can’t see it. The NanoSuction technology, which is designed to mimic the feet of a gecko, doesn't leave any residue behind and isn't sticky to the touch. The solution works with about 70 percent of cases on the market. It doesn’t work well with textured or silicone material, including cases from OtterBox and LifeProof. [caption id="attachment_422828" align="aligncenter" width="450"]The NanoSuction technology will also allow you to stick an iPad to any smooth, non-porous surface. The NanoSuction technology will also allow you to stick an iPad to any smooth, non-porous surface.[/caption] And if you’re not interested in a stand, backers can also pledge for just the NanoSuction Pads to stick an iPhone, iPad, or other device, to any smooth, non-porous surface. For just $10, backers can receive two small NanoSuction Pads. It also acts as an anti-skid pad to keep a device secure while on a desk or car dashboard. For $5 more, you will receive one large pad for a tablet and one smaller pad. A $25 pledge will net you a black, white, pink, or silver stand for a smartphone. Just hours after launching its campaign, more than $7,500 has been pledged on a goal of $20,000 with 39 days to go. So it definitely looks like the project will be funded. And you can count me in as a backer. Delivery estimate is in August.
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