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Apple Developers Still Waiting For iOS 7 Beta For iPad

It has been one week since Apple first unveiled the iOS 7 beta. During that time, developers have been testing the new operating system, and sending countless reports to the mother ship for improvements. Not every iOS developer has been in on the process, of course. In a unique twist, the first iOS 7 beta is for the iPhone/iPod touch only. This means that iPad-only developers have been left on the sidelines, at least for the time being. Given the complexity of iOS 7, most in the developer community expect to see Apple release the first beta for iPad within the next 10 days. “We really need to get moving on this,” said one iPad-only game developer to AppAdvice. “Otherwise, we’re going to fall behind.” Apple stated at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that an iOS 7 beta for iPad would be released “in a few weeks.” Last year, the second iOS 6 beta arrived exactly two weeks after the first. [caption id="attachment_430582" align="aligncenter" width="440"]It's coming It's coming[/caption] While mockups are fine, we can’t wait to see what iOS 7 actually looks like on an iPad and iPad mini. In particular, it will be interesting to see which iPhone features didn’t make the jump to the tablet. We’ll let you know the moment an iOS 7 beta is made available for the iPad. Until then, what do you expect to see in this beta? See also: Apple's iOS 7 Compatibility: Supported Devices And Features, and Will iOS 7 Beta 1 Slow Down Your iPhone?
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