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Apple Now Adding 500,000 New iTunes Store Accounts Each Day

The number of iTunes Store accounts (Apple IDs) added by Apple each day is rocketing. At its recent WWDC 2013 keynote, the Cupertino, Calif. company's chief executive officer Tim Cook announced that Apple has more than 575 million users signed up with an Apple ID. On average, this means Apple is adding some 500,000 new accounts each and every day, according to Asymco's Horace Dediu. Dediu also provides the above graph, which demonstrates effectively the rapid increase in the number of Apple IDs worldwide. Tim Cook also noted on Monday that its App Store currently offers more than 900,000 apps, and that developers have been paid a total of $10 billion. In addition, with over 300 million users, Cook added that iCloud has proved to be the fastest-growing cloud service ever. For more Apple statistics, be sure to see our recent article: "Apple By The Numbers: 50 Billion Apps Downloaded And More." See also: Will iOS 7 Beta 1 Slow Down Your iPhone?AppAdvice Goes Hands-On With iWork For iCloud Beta, and Macintosh Graphic Designer Susan Kare Approves Of Divisive iOS 7 Icon Design.
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