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BlueStacks' GamePop Console To Allow iOS Gaming On TVs

BlueStacks announced on Friday, June 7 that its forthcoming GamePop console will support iOS games, along with Android titles, allowing users to access countless App Store classics and to play games on a TV set for a subscription of $6.99 per month (plus a one-off fee of $129 for the console itself). The news hit the Web via Twitter: GamePop's $6.99 per month subscription provides users with access to a library featuring more than 500 titles, and will seemingly include games designed for both Android and iOS. Boy Genius Report explains that BlueStacks plans on using a "virtualization tool" known as "Looking Glass" to allow iOS games to be played through TV sets. It's hoped that GamePop will be ready for a winter release, and potential customers currently have the option of preordering the console online for $129. We'll keep you updated with further information on the forthcoming console as we receive it. In the meantime, see: Amount 2.0 Features A Good Amount Of Improvement To Make Unit Conversions EasierAdvertising Guru Lee Clow Talks Apple, Steve Jobs And More, and Forget September: Apple's iPhone 5S Set For October Launch, Report Suggests.