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Canadian Carriers To Offer LTE-Enabled iPads, iPhone 5 Nano-SIMs

In Canada, both Rogers Wireless and Telus are to offer the LTE-enabled iPad and iPad mini in the "coming weeks," while Wind Mobile has started offering nano-SIM cards for AWS iPhone 5 handsets for $25. The news reached us from Engadget, who notes of Rogers and Telus' forthcoming LTE iPad availability:
Details are scarce, although the two networks promise that they'll keep offering contract-free data plans. We've reached out to learn whether or not Bell is following suit.
In addition, Wind Mobile is now offering nano-SIMs for the iPhone 5, provided customers have an AWS-enabled smartphone (model number A1428), with serial numbers beginning:
Black 16GB -FH19- 
White 16GB -FH1C- 
Black 32GB -FH1D- 
White 32GB -FH1F- 
Black 64GB -FH1G- 
White 64GB -FH1H-
Though Wind isn't offering LTE, customers will nevertheless have access to the carrier's HSPA+ data network. As noted above, Rogers and Telus are said to be offering the LTE-enabled iPad and iPad mini from their respective stores in the "coming weeks." Check back with us for updates. In the meantime, see: AT&T Enables Government Emergency Alerts For iPhone UsersImpressive Concept Shows iOS 7 Running On A 4.3-Inch iPhone Handset, and Today's Best Apps: Bob Player And Quadropus Rampage.
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