Thanks to the magic of the iOS jailbreak, iDevice owners with iOS 6 installed on their iPhone can make their smartphone look like it’s running Apple’s developer-only iOS 7 beta 1 after installing a handful of jailbreak tweaks. Though one main jailbreak theme does most of the work, an additional three packages serve to tie up a number of loose ends.

The jailbreak packages are:

  • iOS 7 Theme (ModMyi repository)
  • iOS 7 Messages (ModMyi repository)
  • iOS 7 Theme (MacCiti repository) – icons only
  • iOS 7 Bars And Battery (MacCiti repository) – status bars and battery

Take a look at our video walkthrough below, which explains each of the above jailbreak packages, one by one.

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

Apple’s iOS 7 adds a whole new look to the company’s mobile operating system, altering the appearance of both app icons and the graphical user interface (GUI) at large.

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