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Finally Put Newsstand In A Folder, Play Nice With Flickr And Vimeo And More In iOS 7

Some more changes to iOS 7 are being talked about, as more and more developers get their hands on it. As we hear about new, awesome things hiding in iOS 7, you'll hear about them too. One of the first changes we’ve heard about is to the App Store. In iOS 7, the “Genius” tab has been replaced with “Near Me.” Another big one, despite not being mentioned during the keynote, is that Apple did in fact include Flickr and Vimeo integration in the new OS. They're in the Settings app. And lastly, yes, it’s true. You can finally put Newsstand in a damn folder. Rejoice! That pesky, good for nothing app can finally go where it belongs. Not to mention, look at the new icons and folder design. How are you feeling about the re-designed iOS now? As we continue to hear about more exciting things happening at WWDC, particularly new iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks tidbits, we’ll be posting more. Stick with us.
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