Apple recently revamped our favorite personal assistant. In iOS 7, Siri gets a new lease on life with humanized speech characteristics and a larger conversation bank.

In my opinion, Siri in iOS 7 is much better than it was in iOS 6. We’ve put together a video overview of the differences in Siri’s voice between iOS 6 and iOS 7. As you’ll hear in our overview, Siri sounds a lot less robotic in iOS 7.

Overall, I think the revamped voice for Siri in iOS 7 is a welcomed change. I wasn’t a huge fan of the robotic Siri voice found in iOS 6 and I can’t wait for Apple to continue improving this feature.

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

Maybe one day Siri will be able to have a full conversation with a human. Never mind, that would be kind of creepy.