Be careful what you send when Snapchatting with someone who’s using iOS 7.

Earlier today, the second iOS 7 beta was released by Apple. But an interesting change that was already present in the first beta of iOS 7 has just now made the rounds of the tech blogosphere. And it’s bound to have Snapchat‘s team of developers rushing to find a workaround for it.

As reported by MacRumors, Apple has implemented a small change in how iOS handles screenshots in the mobile operating system’s upcoming new version. This small change is stated as follows by Apple in iOS 7′s release notes: “Active touches are no longer canceled when the user takes a screenshot.”

While this is but a minor change, it undoubtedly has major ramifications for apps such as Snapchat and Facebook’s Snapchat clone, Facebook Poke.

In Snapchat, holding on a photo is required in order to view it and keep it open. If a screenshot of the photo is taken on a device running iOS 6 or below, the system cancels the active touch, i.e., the holding on the photo, and the photo is effectively closed. This is how Snapchat detects that a screenshot of a photo has been taken and consequently notifies the sender of the photo after the fact, so to speak.

But on a device running iOS 7, the system no longer cancels an active touch and keeps a photo open after a screenshot of it has been taken. As a result, Snapchat no longer detects a taken screenshot and no longer notifies the sender about the act.

To be sure, as we reported a few months ago, certain methods are already available for users to bypass Snapchat’s screenshot detection. But the non-cancellation of active touches in iOS 7 allows for clearly the most straightforward method yet.

And so to the team working on a workaround for this loophole in Snapchat, I say, “Snap to it!”