How did you feel when Jony Ive’s face came up on the screen during the keynote on Monday? When you saw the completely redesigned iOS 7?

Hold on to that thought.

This is the Internet. Anything that is anything has its own meme, Tumblr, or parody Twitter account. And Jony Ive’s “redesign” of iOS 7 is no exception.

That’s right, exists, and it’s kinda awesome.

Jony Ive has redesigned everything from his own t-shirt — you know, the same one he wears everyday it seems — to Windows 8 and Android … at the same time.

There aren’t that many submissions yet, but it is still worth the look. I guarantee you’ll enjoy this, whether or not you love or hate the redesign of iOS.

You can even send your own submissions to And don’t forget to share them here, too!