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Anki Launches Real-Life Racing Game Compatible With iOS

At today’s WWDC, Apple CEO Tim Cook welcomed independent development company Anki to the stage to preview their latest technology. Anki’s new artificial intelligence cars bring a real-world experience alongside Apple’s iPhone and iPad. They showed us a demonstration of how their new product works at today’s keynote address. Anki founder Boris Sofman laid out a mat that had a racetrack on it. Then, with the help of his companion, Sofman showed off three remote control cars that zoomed seamlessly around on the mat. They were controlled by an iPad. The cars communicate with your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth technology. After a small issue with one of the cars, they managed to show you what can happen when the cars are connect with iOS. One of the cars announced, “weapons enabled,” and virtually shot the other cars off of the mat. Anki’s newest app, AnkiDrive will be available in beta in the App Store today, with the full version available later this year.
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