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Become The Next Walt Disney With The Animator's Survival Kit For iPad

First released in April, The Animator’s Survival Kit for iPad is one of the most interesting and educational apps in the App Store. Now, a video has been released about the app that is simply amazing. The Animator’s Survival Kit for iPad is based on the popular 16-DVD box set by Oscar winner Richard Williams. This series of instructional material has often been described as a must have for anyone who wants to learn how to animate. Williams was in charge of animation on Disney's "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," for which he won two Academy Awards. He directed and designed Roger and Jessica Rabbit, Baby Herman, and all the new characters for the movie. Here's the new video, which stars the animator:

Full app features include:
  • The complete ‘Expanded Edition’ of ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit’
  • Over 100 animated examples from ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit Animated’ DVD box set, scrubbable frame-by-frame
  • ‘Onion-skinning’ functionality on selected animated examples, showing previous and following frames live
  • Previously unreleased animations by Richard Williams, including a 9-minute film, ‘Circus Drawings’
  • New pieces-to-camera from Richard Williams to put the app in context
For more information on The Animator's Survival Kit DVD set, be sure to visit this page. Priced at $34.99, The Animator’s Survival Kit for iPad is available in the App Store. A free sample version is also available. [gallery]
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