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Bluelounge Has Found The Kii To My Heart With Its New Products

If you’ve still been searching for that perfect, take-anywhere iPhone charger, Bluelounge may have the Kii for you. Designed to mimic the look and weight of an ordinary house key, the Kii features a double-sided design. On one end is a USB plug, while on the other side is a Lightning or 30-pin adapter. There are three different versions of the Kii available. A Lightning-compatible cable retails for $39.95 and is available in either black or white. The black, 30-pin version is $19.95. While I own my fair share of iOS device charging cords, I really like the idea behind the Kii, and will be placing an order soon. [caption id="attachment_439047" align="aligncenter" width="540"]The Saidoka places your iPhone at nearly a flat angle. The Saidoka places your iPhone at nearly a flat angle.[/caption] The company has also introduced its take on a dock for smaller iOS devices. The Saidoka is described as a “sidecar for iPhones.” Instead of placing your device at an upward angle, the dock is designed to be used next to a keyboard for quick and easy access to a device at nearly a flat angle. Compatible with some cases, the Saidoka also features micro-suction technology to securely attach the dock wherever you’d like. Just like the Kii, there are multiple versions of the dock available to purchase from Bluelounge. The Lightning-compatible dock for the iPhone 5 comes in either black or white and will set you back $49.95. An iPhone 4/4S version with a 30-pin adapter comes in either color and retails for a very reasonable $29.95. And keep an eye out, we’ll be featuring full reviews of both the Kii and Saidoka soon. If you're interested in reading more about new iOS device companions, take a look at our latest edition of This Week in Accessories.
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