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Cydia Tweak: UnlockEvents Helps Expand Activator’s Functionality

Activator is a very powerful tweak for jailbroken devices. Once set up, you can perform various actions on a device using its hardware buttons or gestures on the screen. A new add-on tweak has been released that slightly expands Activator’s functionality. UnlockEvents allows you to perform Activator actions while locking or unlocking your device. This is a very simple add-on, but it can perform actions like launching an app each time you unlock your device. [caption id="attachment_443353" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Launch the Camera app when you unlock your device.[/caption] Once you’ve install this tweak, you’ll find its options within Activator’s settings. Tap on Activator within the Settings app and specify an action for the “Unlocked” and “Locked” event. For example, you can set up Activator to resume playing your music each time the device is locked. [caption id="attachment_443354" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Play music when device is locked.[/caption] Another example, as I mentioned earlier, is launching an app each time the device is unlocked. Of course, these examples are very basic and in no way the limitations of this tweak. With UnlockEvents, you’ll have access to activator’s vast action library. Keeping that in mind, you can assign just about any unlock or lock action. In my opinion, this tweak gets a bit annoying after a while. Unless you’re in a very specific situation where you need the same action to happen each time you unlock or lock your device, you may want to consider using Activator’s built-in methods. If you'd like to give UnlockEvents a shot, it's available for free in the BigBoss repository. For other Cydia tweaks, check out: TaskMaster Turns Spotlight Into More Of A Useful Feature, Import Videos Into Instagram With InstaChooser, and Sliderz Lets You Customize Text For Various Sliders.
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