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It's Alive! Resurrect Your Jailbreak-Free GBA Emulator Using This Quick Fix

Thanks to one simple fix, it's possible to enable the jailbreak-free Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator that Apple recently closed down. As a reminder, the emulator, "GBA4iOS," allowed iDevice owners to install a working GBA emulator on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch over-the-air, without requiring a jailbreak. Apple, however, soon closed down the process by targeting MacBuildServer, the service which made the jailbreak-free installation possible. Since then, a couple of AppAdvice readers have spotted that it's still possible to install GBA4iOS after altering the "Date & Time" in one's Settings app. Namely, if you set your iDevice's date to July 15, 2013, or earlier before downloading the GBA emulator, users will find that it installs without interruption. You see, Apple disabled the process on July 16, explaining why the altered date still makes it possible to enable GBA4iOS. After the emulator has been installed, users will then be able to return their iDevice's date to "Auto." It's a simple as that. For information on installing the jailbreak-free GBA emulator, be sure to take a look at our original article. See also: Cydia Tweak: Ayra Brings New Notification Features And A Redesigned Lock ScreenCydia Tweak: UnlockEvents Helps Expand Activator’s Functionality, and Cydia Tweak: PebbleActivator Enables Control Of Your iOS Device From A Pebble Watch.
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