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New Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Tries To Mock The iPhone, But Is Mostly Confusing

Samsung has launched yet another video ad, poking fun at the iPhone and its users. This one, however, was shown in Iceland to poke at Apple's lack of voice control support in Icelandic.
The ad shows a man, seemingly struggling with using an actual apple as a phone, with typical iPhone gestures. Finally, a caption appears that translates to, "Get a phone that understands you." Then he is shown using a Galaxy S4, happily. Then there are just a lot of ninjas. And goats! And other things that are awesome, but don't relay the point very well. No wonder Samsung is known for spending way more on advertising then its competitors. I bet ninjas don't dance for cheap. Anyway, I can't really blame the guy in this commercial. I would choose a Galaxy S4 over a piece of fruit too, dude.
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