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Proven Hopes To Better Streamline The Job Hiring Process With New iOS App

Proven has released a new employment app for iOS. Its goal is to make job hiring more efficient. The company’s new job search app allows companies to post jobs to Craigslist and then search, sort, and contact candidates directly from the device. Key features include:
  • Save time: Sort and filter submitted resumes in minutes instead of hours
  • Manage Job Listings: Create, re-post and manage job listings
  • Categorize: Place candidates into Yes, No and Maybe categories
  • Easily Connect: With a simple click, contact the candidates directly
  • Multiple Logins: Share applications / promising candidates with others within the company
  • Go Mobile: Browse candidates at anytime, from anywhere, from any iOS or Android device
[caption id="attachment_449631" align="aligncenter" width="578"]Proven Job Search for iPhone Proven Job Search for iPhone[/caption] According to Pablo Fuentes, CEO and co-founder of Proven:
After the success of our mobile job search tools for job seekers, we are very excited to take the next step by offering a native mobile solution for employers. Now they can carry out hiring tasks from anywhere, from their own mobile device, thus saving significant time and adding flexibility to the hiring manager’s life.
The universal Proven Job Search app is available now in the App Store. [gallery]
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