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Apple CEO Tim Cook Joins Twitter

UPDATE: Tim Cook's account is already officially confirmed by Twitter. Apple CEO Tim Cook took time out of the launch day madness to make his inaugural tweet on Twitter. Here it is: His bio lists him as “CEO Apple, Fan of Auburn football and Duke basketball.” While the account has yet to be confirmed by Twitter, Apple’s Phil Schiller promptly retweeted Cook. And since Schiller is confirmed, you can bet that Cook has joined the hugely popular social networking site. Cook was indeed photographed today visiting the Palo Alto store. Even though other Apple top executives have Twitter accounts, they are rarely used. Schiller is probably the most prolific, but that’s not exactly saying a lot. During a Samsung PR blitz earlier this year, he used Twitter to link to a report about the huge amount of malware plaguing Android devices. It’ll be interesting to see how often Cook uses the new platform. He’s already got more than 12,000 followers 15 minutes after his first tweet.
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