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As Apple Preps New Devices, A First Look At iPad Trade In Values For 2013

Millions of iPad owners will soon have to decide whether to upgrade their devices. We don’t yet know whether the new iPads will justify an upgrade. However, we are beginning to get an idea what older iPads are selling for on the secondary market. We plan on publishing our annual iPad Trade-In Guide soon after Apple announces new devices, which will probably happen in October. At that time, we plan on offering an extended analysis that will include many vendors, and iPad models. For this exercise, however, we’re only looking at current trade in values at Gazelle and NextWorth. Additionally, we’ve limited our analysis to the 32GB models for the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, and first-generation iPad mini. Take a look at what each service is offering for iPads in “good” condition as of today, Sept. 25, 2013: Please note: These prices are for those iPads with normal wear and tear. Plus, all assume the iPad is free of water damage, and comes with its original cables and AC adapter. You may get more or less than the price quoted. Personally, I find these quotes very weak, at best, especially for the iPad 4. What are your thoughts? The iPad 5 is likely to be much thinner than previous models, while the iPad mini 2 should receive the Retina display treatment. Both should be powered by a new processor and include better cameras. See also: First Look: Apple's Touch ID-Equipped Gold iPad mini, and Will Apple’s Next Special Event Happen On Oct. 15? Photo: Fortune
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