We already know that Infinity Blade III is set to arrive on Sept. 18. Now, ChAIR has unveiled a brand new trailer for the game. “Infinity Blade: Origins” is a short film from acclaimed animation director Ben Hibon and Axis Animation. It is narrated by actor John Noble of “Lord of the Rings,” and “Fringe” fame.

Take a look:

According to Hibon, who worked on the Harry Potter movies:

We had the chance to work closely with ChAIR’s team on every aspect of the film. They shared with us so much passion and creative energy – this was a true collaborative effort that felt ever so rewarding.

Donald Mustard, creator director, ChAIR notes:

Ben is a true animation visionary, pushing 2D and 3D animation in ways unlike anyone else. We are excited to see Ben’s signature style and artistry applied to the Infinity Blade world that we love.

First demoed at Apple’s iPhone event, Infinity Blade III will be available for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. We’ll be offering a full review of the game in the coming days.

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