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Odin's Beard! Gameloft Unveils First Trailer For Thor: The Dark World Official Game

Ready your hammer because you're about to embark on an epic quest as none other than Thor in Gameloft's Thor: The Dark World - The Official Game. The upcoming game starring the famous god of thunder was first announced by Gameloft last July with a 41-second teaser video showing some impressive gameplay footage. Now, the popular mobile game publisher has come out with the first trailer for Thor: The Dark World, embedded for your viewing pleasure below. The trailer, which runs for just over a minute, invites players to assume the role of Thor as he defends the Nine Realms from the forces of evil. Like the teaser before it, the trailer shows exciting scenes of hacking and slashing, which, as noted by Touch Arcade, are reminiscent of Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter series. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. As indicated in the trailer, Thor: The Dark World - The Official Game is coming to smartphones and tablets — including, of course, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad — this November. Most likely, it's going to be launched in time for the theatrical release of "Thor: The Dark World," starring Chris Hemsworth in the title role, on Nov. 8. Of course, this isn't the first game to be developed by Gameloft based on a Marvel superhero movie. Earlier this year, Gameloft released Iron Man 3 - The Official Game. And last year, it released The Amazing Spider-Man.
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