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The iPhone 5C Is One Beautiful Handset

Even though the new iPhone 5C is a "budget" handset, Apple went to great lengths to design a very nice looking iPhone. At today's event, Apple's own Phil Schiller talked about the design process of the phone. "The entire back and sides are made from a single part, its front one glass, multi-touch surface," he said. "As close as you look, you wont see joints or seams." Apple also used an entirely new architecture for the handset. “We developed the design by creating an entirely new structural architecture," Schiller said. "It starts with a single piece of polycarbonate, into which we insert a steel structural frame, creating a whole new bespoke design…. The entire assembly goes through multiple finishing surfaces, including a lacquer hardcoat.” The handset comes in five different color choices and will retail for $99 for the 16GB version and $199 for a 32GB edition. Photo: TechCrunch
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