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The Latest On iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s Stock As Launch Day Continues

The Los Angeles Times says that the excitement is gone. The Guardian wonders if Apple is “running out of juice.” What say you? Did you stand in line for a new iPhone today? If you did, which color were you offered. Are you waiting for the iPhone 6? Our spies on the ground note that most carriers in the United States didn’t have the gold or silver iPhone 5s models in stock. Apple retail stores do (or did depending on your location), but not a lot. Apple’s online store reflects the same. Currently in the U.S. store, new orders for the gold iPhone 5s extend into October. Those for the silver and Spacy Gray models are now listed as available for shipment in “7-10 business days.” Meanwhile, new orders for the iPhone 5c are expected to ship in “1-3 business days,” regardless of model color. What has been your experience? Please let us know by leaving a comment below. In addition, continue to forward your line photos to us on Twitter @appadvice. Photo: The Los Angeles Times For more information, see: Apple Said To Have Increased Gold iPhone 5s Production Following High DemandBritain's Low-Cost Carrier 3 To Offer Unlimited 4G LTE Data With iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and Go Get It, iPhone 5s Users: Apple's iOS 7.0.1 Is Already Available To Download.
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