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Version 6.0 Of The Apple TV Software Unveiled With A Number Of New Features

Arriving a few days later than expected, Apple has just made available version 6.0 of its Apple TV software. And the update is full of new features. Along with iTunes Radio, iCloud Photos and Videos, iTunes Music Store, and Podcasts, the AirPlay from iCloud capability looks to be the most intriguing. As we reported last week, that allows users to use AirPlay to stream their iTunes content to another person’s Apple TV. The update also brings Bluetooth 4.0 capability and integration with the multi-display feature in OS X Mavericks. While this is a nice software update, new Apple TV hardware will also apparently be rolled out in a few weeks. Earlier this month, longtime Apple watcher MG Siegler boldy proclaimed on Twitter that some type of new hardware will be coming in October. Presumably, it will be announced at the same event unveiling the fifth-generation iPad and iPad mini 2. Siegler didn’t specify if the new hardware would just be a set-top box like the previous generations or the fabled standalone television set. Other reports stated that Apple is working on both types of hardware and is looking to integrate Xbox Kinect like motion sensors. Current Apple TV owners can download the new software by going to Settings, General, and then Check for Updates.
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