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Apple Is Live Streaming Today's Event

Update. Apple is indeed live streaming the event! Hours before Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook is set to walk out onto the stage and introduce Apple's iPad-themed media event, the Cupertino, Calif. company has added the "Apple Events" channel to Apple TVs around the globe. As such, it is believed that a live video stream of the event will be offered later today. The news reached us from 9to5Mac, and so far the channel is confirmed to have appeared in France and Germany. As a reminder, the Apple Events channel has been used in the past to offer Apple TV owners a live stream of Apple's special media events. If this is indeed the case, and Apple is planning on live streaming to Apple TVs, it's likely that a live stream will be offered online, too. During the event, we're expecting Apple to introduce an iPad 5, a Retina display-equipped iPad mini 2, and an updated MacBook Pro; we also hope to hear release dates confirmed for the company's Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks. However, it could also be that a refreshed MacBook Air, Mac mini, and Apple TV are in the cards. As a reminder, Apple's event is set to begin at 10 a.m. PDT. We'll be covering the day's news from start to finish, so be sure to check back with us. In the meantime, see: Customizable To-Do App Tick Gets Much-Requested Feature With First Ever UpdateBoxes Introduces Pinterest-Like Feature For Adding Items Directly From The Web, and For September, Apple Was The No. 1 US Smartphone Seller.
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