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Following Competitors, Target Further Discounts The Price Of Apple's iPhone 5c

Target has announced that it, too, is discounting the price of Apple's colorful (and relatively unsuccessful) iPhone 5c handset. Specifically, customers can purchase a 16GB iPhone 5c from the retailer for $49.99, while Target RED card holders can reduce the price of the handset by a further five percent. The promotion indeed mirrors similar deals offered by Best Buy, Walmart, and Radio Shack, and comes following the recent news that Apple's iPhone 5c isn't expected to do as well as analysts first predicted. Though Target originally knocked $20 off the handset's $99 price, the $79.99 cost of a 16GB iPhone 5c is now being reduced by a further $30 at the U.S. retailer's nationwide stores, meaning prospective customers can pick up one of the handsets for $49.99, CNET explains. Furthermore, Target RED card holders can reduce this price to $47.50 - an additional five percent. Target's offering applies when customers sign-up for a two-year iPhone 5c contract, and appears to be available in-store and not online. Do remember, of course, that competing promotions go even further. Best Buy, for example, is offering customers a $100 gift card when a smartphone is traded in, and Walmart is advertising the 16GB iPhone 5c from $45. If only purchasing an iPhone 5s was so easy, right? See also: Today's Best Apps: Costume Quest And KAMIInstagram App No Longer Has Option To Disable Automatic Video Playback, and Dots Update Brings An Endless Mode Via In-App Purchase.
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