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Prepaid Carrier Cricket To Begin Offering The iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c On Oct. 25

Prepaid carrier Cricket Communications will begin carrying Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on Friday, Oct. 25. Customers may pre-register interest now by visiting Cricket has yet to announce pricing on Apple’s newest handsets. However, the San Diego, Calif.-based company currently offers the 16GB iPhone 5 for $600, the 16GB iPhone 4s for $500, and the 8GB iPhone 4 for $400. Customers can make one payment up front, or pay through installments. In April, Cricket began offering a family bundle that includes two smartphones for $40 per month. Individual plans begin at $50 per month. This includes unlimited calling and text messages, plus 1GB of full speed data. For $60, users receive 2.5 GB of data; for $70, the monthly data limit rises to 5GB. A subsidiary of Leap Wireless, Cricket owns and operates the seventh largest wireless telecommunications company in the United States. It offers service to customers in all 50 states, utilizing Sprint’s wireless network. In 2011, Cricket became the first prepaid carrier in the U.S. to carry the iPhone. See also: Buying An iPhone 5s Is More Difficult Than Ever BeforeEven As Supplies Remain Low, The iPhone 5s Is Set To Launch In New Countries Very Soon, and More Informative iPhone 5s Stock Checker Launches: Offers Stats On Demand.
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