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T-Mobile Will Offer An iPad Air And iPad mini With Retina Display For No Money Down

If you’re interested in picking up a Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display, T-Mobile is offering a spectacular deal. We learned yesterday that the company will offer 200MB of free data per month to users. For $30 per month, users will get 2.5GB of data while $50 will net 4.5GB. Daily and weekly data passes are also available with 500MB of daily 4G LTE data for $5 and 1GB of weekly data for $10. T-Mobile also confirmed today that buyers can purchase a new tablet under its “Uncarrier” plan. At least for the 16GB versions of both the iPad Air and new iPad mini, customers can walk away paying no money down. The cost of the tablet will be split into 24 monthly payments of $26.25 for the iPad Air and $22.08 for the iPad mini with Retina Display. The 16GB first-generation iPad mini is also available for $17.91 per month. Buyers wanting to purchase the 32GB edition of either new tablet will have to pay $99.99 down. The 64GB version of both tablets will be available for $199.99 down. The 24 monthly payments will remain the same depending on which tablet is selected. Arriving on Friday, Nov. 1, the iPad Air sports a significantly smaller footprint than previous iPads while also featuring a 64-bit A7 chip. The iPad mini with Retina display will be available later in November. I wasn’t considering purchasing a cellular-enabled iPad Air this generation, but T-Mobile’s offer may change my mind.
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