While the wearable technology market has exploded in 2013 with a number of devices mainly focused on fitness and exercise tracking, the Vybe is a little different.

Using low-energy Bluetooth technology, the bracelet is compatible with the iPhone 4S and up. And the main purpose behind the Vybe is to let wearers know when they receive a message or phone call without having to look at their phone.

Here’s a quick promo video. Click here if you can’t see it.

It will vibrate once for a message and in one-second intervals while the phone is ringing. A call can even be rejected directly from the bracelet. As a nice touch, it will also inform a user if they are more than 50 feet away from their phone by constantly vibrating.

The Vybe can be preordered now for $39 on the company’s site. If the device doesn’t ship by February 28, 2014, buyers will receive their money back.

It’s available in a number of colors – green, blue, yellow, pink, red, black, and white. An extender allows the Vybe to also be worn on the ankle.

I definitely like the concept of the Vybe, especially the feature that alerts a user when they are too far away from their phone. I’m interested to see more on how it works in real-world scenarios.

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