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Apple's Online Stores Go Down Ahead Of Retina iPad mini's Rumored Nov. 12 Launch

Apple has just taken down its online stores across the globe, fanning speculations that the iPad mini with Retina display is scheduled to be launched on Nov. 12. Just moments ago, it was reported that Apple had announced a Nov. 12 (local time) release date for the second-generation iPad mini in the U.S., Australia, China (Wi-Fi only), Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and Singapore. The announcement, though, was made only internally. Apple reportedly posted it in its Global Service Exchange site for authorized providers, as opposed to publicizing it via its official website or a press release. This has led some, yours truly included, to wonder if Apple's so-called announcement wasn't posted in error. Well, we'll know for certain once Apple brings its online stores back up. Will it finally take the "Coming later in November" teaser off its listing for the iPad mini with Retina display? Or will it unveil nothing new after all, suggesting that it took down its online stores for nothing more than a maintenance activity?
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