In celebration of its fifth anniversary, Groupon has revamped not only its website, but also its official apps for iPhone and iPad.

The new versions of the popular deal-of-the-day website and its iOS apps feature improved searching and browsing. Specifically, Groupon for iPhone and Groupon HD for iPad, like the website, now show the search bar at the top of every screen for quicker access. In addition, like the website, the updated iPad app shows a personalized homepage.

The newly updated iOS apps also feature Local Explorer:

The Groupon experience now follows customers as they travel, whether a city away or to a different country. The apps now automatically detect when a mobile customer’s location has changed and send a notification when they are in range of Groupon’s local deals. Inside the app, local deals are automatically selected based on the customer’s current location rather than just their home town.


On the iPad app, users can now also favorite deals to save them for later.

And speaking of the iPad app, its coverage has been expanded to 12 additional markets: Austria, Chile, Colombia, French Canada, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, and Thailand.

The new versions of Groupon for iPhone and Groupon HD for iPad are available now in the App Store for free.